Shortly after opening we heard about a DIY SOS project taking place in Plymouth, we put our names down to take part and were invited to a planning meeting. Unfortunately we could not make the meeting due to prior commitments. So although we were a little disappointed about missing the opportunity we continued working hard to establish our fledgling business.

We thought no more about it until Day 1 of the build when Amy received a personal phone call from Gabrielle Blackman, the designer from the show. She told us that she was struggling to find suppliers for the interior of the build, She also asked if we would mind styling the finished look of the build as she said she liked our style.

From this initial call we ended up supplying most of the furnishings and finishing touches for the whole build. We did not do this alone, we had loads of help from our generous suppliers as well as other local businesses we managed to rope in. This meant the family had many bespoke and one off pieces for their new home making it truly unique.

We were amongst the last people to leave the home before it was unveiled to the family the following day. It was a truly magical experience and one that we told ourselves we would gladly do all over again.

This opportunity presented itself when the show found themselves rebuilding the Grenfell tower boxing gym. Gabrielle was once again the designer and she needed our help! She was looking for a show stopping light to hang above the ring. We had some lights stored away in our barn which were salvaged from Plymouth bus station, with the help of a local courier we had the light delivered to the project. We were honoured to be asked and we were thrilled to be able to help such a worthy cause.

And so to March this year. Another build was taking place, This time in St Ives Cornwall, Gabby and the team once again got in touch. We explained that it was rather a long way from us and so maybe we would have to pass it up. To this Gabby simply replied "Devon and Cornwall is Relish land isn't it!?" So with that we found ourselves doing it all over again. We sourced and supplied many items including homewares, lighting and soft furnishings aided by generous suppliers as well as styling on the final days.

Why do we do it? Simple really, It is so lovely to find yourself in a position to be able to help such deserving families, many of whom have been through unimaginable events in their lives. The builds are like nothing else, so many people working together for the same goal. Everything you see on the T.V is true, apart from initial groundwork the whole build is completed in 9 days. The Crew are on site non stop throughout the build and work tirelessly to make sure that things stick to schedule. 

We would do it all again in a heartbeat, and we hope to be asked to help in the future. 

The Plymouth build is due to be aired on Thursday 24th October 8pm. The St Ives build has yet to be aired so keep an eye on our social media for a date on this one.

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