Why use Vintage in your interior:

Introducing antique or vintage pieces into your interior can instantly add character and a sense of nostalgia which will give your space a unique and distinctive feel. Items are often more competitively priced than buying new and can be much better built than many modern items. Do not be afraid to mix looks, go with what you like, and although its fun to keep an eye on trends, don't let fashion dictate your style, after all we are all unique and we should reflect this in our homes.

Tips for buying Vintage:

The love of vintage and mid-century seems to have surged in recent years, this has made once throw away items highly desirable. Whilst buying vintage items can often mean excellent build quality coupled with a timeless longevity there are a few things to look out for when considering a purchase.

- Do your research;

Especially important if you are looking for genuine pieces by a certain maker. Ercol is a prime example, there are many other manufacturers from similar periods who closely followed Ercol designs and as such may appear to be the genuine article to the untrained eye. This point becomes less important however if you merely want to buy into the look and there are many bargains to be had if you buy from lesser known or less desirable manufacturers.

- Don't pay over the odds;

Many items were made cheaply in their thousands and weren't expected to last. Many of these items have stood the test of time and lasted long after their expected lifespan this means that they can still be found in large numbers and are readily available. The boom in vintage means that some sellers have got carried away with their pricing as they strive to ride the vintage wave. However, if you are looking for a rare or one-off piece don't be afraid to spend larger amounts, as these items will only get more scarce as time goes on

- Think outside the box;

There are many places to buy vintage goods but try to think outside the box when looking for items. Online sites like Ebay, Gumtree etc are great places to find vintage but they are also highly populated with people looking for the same things as you, this can mean prices often rocket. Try looking in your local antique shops as they often have items at much more reasonable prices than you might expect. Remember they are in business and therefore have to be competitive with pricing. They are also on hand to offer you advise & the story behind each piece.

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