Reclaimed cart table

Made from a reclaimed Slingsby 1920s-1930s railway platform barrow & pine top, this coffee table makes a real statement piece for a modern or rustic home. Imagine sitting having drinks around this table & telling your friends about the history & British heritage of this item.


H:38cm W:142cm D:67cm

History: HC Slingsby 

1893 Company was founded & still going today. The family firm of wholesale bottlers established themselves in Bradford in 1893. Harry Crowther Slingsby began to look into the invention of labour saving devices for the company. He had recognised that working practices in the local factories relied heavily on manual hauling and gravity for the movement of raw materials and products from floor to floor. However, this did not solve the problem of moving items horizontally around large buildings.

Slingsby set about creating robust trucks and trolleys to move heavy loads with relative ease. Different designs were created for different purposes - sack trolleys for moving large sacks of flour, sugar and dried fruit around grocery stores; high wheeled flat carts towed by one or two people; trucks fitted with wicker baskets carried fibres around textile mills.


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