Alfred Wallis parody oil on board

These carefully observed re-creations of Alfred Wallis' original work make a fun addition to an office or downstairs loo. Original oil on boards in the style of this iconic Cornish artist. 

Each one has been painted by Graham Lockyer-Allsop, a prolific antique dealer and art lover and comes complete with frame. He Also studies and recreates work by other notable artists such as Lowry and Turner. 

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Alfred Wallis painted at the kitchen table of his home in St Ives. He used scrap materials that he found around him. He didn’t have much money, so he used bits of spare paint from the boat industry in the town. Shopkeepers’ would save old grocery boxes and crates for him to paint on. He left parts of the boxes showing through his works and kept the odd shapes of the boards, so that you can see what they are. He painted the places he saw and things he did during his life. The sea was very important to him. He worked as a fisherman, sailor and scrap merchant before he became an artist. Some of his paintings are of his memories of working on ships and boats. Wallis made the important things in his paintings the largest. He wanted to make the ship the centre of attention. Things didn’t have to look like they do in real life and sometimes, his buildings float like islands in the sea.


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