This season sees a continuing resurgence in vintage/retro looks. Key pieces to look out for are.

Botanical / Bamboo:

Deep rich greens and neutral natural tones give this look its relaxed and informal feel. Natural materials such as bamboo, wood, and marble continue to feature heavily this season. Look out for mid-century bamboo chairs, Jute rugs & one off decorative woods.

Art Deco:

Art deco colours and shapes are much loved and iconic, this look is set to make a comeback in the coming season. Straight lines coupled with majestic curves give this style its luxurious and decadent feel. Look for chairs, lighting and bathroom fittings, all can quickly transform a room. Soft sumptuous fabrics such as Velvets, and colours schemes built around golds, matt blacks and metallics will pull the look together giving a seamless unified finish.